An Inspiring Word (about carpet)

Our year of Fresh Starts continues. We made it through a harsh and intense winter, and what once seemed impossible, that the snow would melt and the spring birds would come and sing again, it’s happened! Lent has had its way with us, a somber and serious time, and Easter is just around the corner. I think we’ll be ready! The building sure will be. It’s been a daily excitement to see the out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new carpet project. For weeks the building has been full of workers, their radios blaring out classic rock and now baseball games! Alive, alive, this place has felt alive.

There’s so many people to thank for this latest face-lift, starting with the people who made the first decisions about style and colors and companies, then people who contributed generously and the people who asked them to do so, then people who did the heavy lifting, organized moves and shuffled furniture and boxes. It has been a joyful project, watching our dear old house get updated and renewed. It’s a statement of faith really, a belief that this house of the Lord has standing in the community and has a reason to be dressed and ready. It’s a physical statement of Vitality, a commitment to be who God calls us to be and serve who God calls us to serve and provide for who God asks us to provide.

But can I share one amusing side note? I found a little scrap paper belonging to my husband Tim. It had the lot numbers and names of the carpet that had been selected months ago. Both carpets are from the “Cool Calm” collection. Ever been here on a Bridgebuilders Wednesday night? We‘ve got plenty of cool, but calm would be an amazing addition! The downstairs carpet has a name: Perception. The upstairs carpet is named, Awareness. That’s too good to ignore. As some of my Pastor friends say, “that’ll preach!”

Perception and Awareness: I can turn that into a prayer, no problem.

Lord, every time our kids walk from classroom to classroom, let them perceive the presence of God through the love of their devoted teachers, mentors and friends. Let them know the power of God, hear the word of the Lord and receive the love of Jesus for each one of them.

Lord, every time we come into this building and enter your sanctuary may it be with full awareness that you are inviting us into worship and shared life with you. May we be fully aware of your transforming grace in our own lives and may we be relentless in sharing that love with others who are yet unaware of your love for them. Amen

You’ve heard me say it many times before: God is always speaking, always speaking, always speaking. Seems God can even speak through our new carpet.