Brookdale Water Walkers

When I was growing up my family sponsored a young Korean boy through World Vision. His picture was always on our refrigerator, and we often prayed for him before bedtime or meals together. We never forgot that we were sitting down to a home cooked meal and there were children all over the world who couldn’t do that. We prayed that God would provide for them too.
I would look at the World Vision magazine that came in the mail, and see the world in grainy black and white images. As a kid it boiled down to this: the world looked like a hard place for a lot of children, but there was always something I could do to help. I guess you could say I grew up with a “world vision” thanks to my parents’ commitments. I also grew up highly aware of the Congo. Jody LeVahn was Brookdale’s bush nurse and missionary to the Congo, commissioned just before I was born. Her picture was on the refrigerator too. Every 4 years she would come back and show her slides and tell us stories about life in Africa.
When our denomination was asked to join up with World Vision in the Congo it was like two pieces of my world coming together seamlessly. The CongoKids page on the ECC website says this:
The Evangelical Covenant Church and World Vision have collectively spent over a century working with our friends in DR Congo. For about 80 years, the ECC has walked alongside the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), witnessing the creation of strong and vibrant church life that enriches communities in northwest DR Congo. Additionally, World Vision has been working in other areas of DR Congo for over four decades. Their proven community development model for sustainable long-term solutions is built on 60+ years of experience building a better world for children. World Visions ability to communicate with people on the ground as well as donors with relevant, timely, and transformative insights has caused them to become a world leader in community development efforts. Together, the ECC, World Vision, and the CEUM are taking the best they have to offer and committing it to a holistic journey to transformation for DR Congo as well as for us, the ECC.

Emmanuel Konzi Dati
Emmanuel Konzi Dati Brookdale Covenant Congo Kid
Brookdale Covenant Congo Kid
Brookdale became one of the early and eager churches to sponsor a Hope Sunday in 2012, when individuals took on the sponsorship of nearly 40 children and together we as a church sponsor one child who is now 10 years old: he was four when we first “met”: look at him now! World Vision and the Covenant’s commitment to the Congo are in my blood. But here’s the 3rd leg of the stool: I’m a born and bred Minnesotan. I love being from the land of 10,000 Lakes. I love water. I love to drink it, swim in it, fish from it, listen to it and just stare into it. Water is life. So the very simple fact that by joining in walking the World Vision Global 6k I can help bring our kids in the Congo fresh, healthy water is a full-on no-brainer. Join us in spirit (sponsor one of our walkers) or sign up and show up on May 19 with your walking shoes, strollers, or skates! We’ll meet in the parking lot and make our way together to Victory Memorial Drive and celebrate when we get back to church. An “event” trek for us: a daily grind for too many. I am so grateful there is always something we can do to help! With joy we will draw water from the wells of salvation…Isaiah 12:3