Thursday  Update

There’s a message flashing on our Church sign. First the bad news: it says, “All Gatherings Postponed”.  The next message that scrolls on says: “Let’s Stay Connected” and it’s followed by our church phone number.  Let’s stay connected. I very much like that invitation. 

For at least the foreseeable future,  we won’t be having services together.  That is hard to fathom, isn’t it.  These last two weeks have brought changes that we didn’t see coming.  Our lives are disrupted in so many different ways.  So the sign outside carries a very important message. 

Let’s Stay Connected.  We are working very hard to get our “on-line presence” up and running, and we will let you know as soon as we can how that will work. The staff are all thinking creatively about staying connected with our children,  our youth, the families we care about so deeply, and of course our most vulnerable and precious seniors. 

 I would love to hear your suggestions about staying connected.   But I also want to know how you are.  I want to know how you are praying, or what you are learning, and yes, what is making your heart heavy.  Call the church office, send emails, text me. 

Can I ask you to also put this week’s  lent practice to work?  Remind yourself, that you are precious to God, you are one of the beloved. Listen to last Sunday’s message.   Read the Word.  Then you will be reminded of God’s amazing care for you.  God has called you by name, and you are his.  Feast on that, when times are hard, disappointing or downright dangerous.  God’s love for you will not fail.

So let’s stay connected.  The Lord is with us.

One more note: how are you feeding your soul? 
Here is a song that is speaking deep encouragement to me.  God is Sovereign over us, and we will actively put our trust in him. 

Click to Listen and Actively TRUST GOD DEEPER – Sovereign Over Us

Lets Stay Connected!

Pastor Renee