Living HOPE in Christ, when 2 months ago, becomes a Lifetime ago…

What an uncertain, unexpected and interesting time we are living in. None of us began this 2020 year expecting to be social distancing (6 ft from others) or quarantined in our homes, unable to travel or live life normally. Many people are asking,

How do we, as Christians, respond during a time like this?

How do we, as Christians,  stand firm in our faith, and not fear when we are told this pandemic (Coronavirus COVID-19) will be spreading in contagion more rapidly in the upcoming weeks…, as we hear of tragic global experiences in other people populations of whom we care about?”

If you are not asking God directly these questions, about what you should do, Why not?
(the Bible says in Proverbs 2:6-8, ”All wisdom comes from the LORD and so do common sense and understanding, God gives helpful advice to everyone…”)

There are three things that we, as Christ-followers, can and are called to commit to doing, (this is what God has brought for me to share with you):

  1. Proclaim the expectant Living HOPE in Christ (Resurrection day is Coming Soon!)

In all circumstances, we remain committed to pointing others to the hope found only in Jesus. That’s our calling and privilege as believers, and we must make every effort to offer others hope that only He can provide. Our God is able. During this crisis, we have a great opportunity to share the truth of Christ with the world, and surely you must agree and think people are more open to receive Jesus and seek the One True God than ever before.

  1. Trust Jesus Christ with our worry, fear and anxiety.
    This means, yes God knows we as humans do experience fear. But we can hand (cast, 1 Peter 5:7) cast all your cares, fears and anxiety or stress directly up to God, and listen to the Wonderful Counselor.

A verse that comes to mind is Joshua 1:9 where God assures and commands us: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

As followers of Christ, we are called to be His living example in the midst of any worldly storm. We can submit our fears and anxieties to Him, knowing that He will be with us always (Matt. 28:19-20). He is God over this storm, over this pan-de-mic (panic is not of the LORD), over every situation in our lives. How we trust Him in this crisis is a powerful testimony to the world, do not panic, trust God and call or message your family and friends and speak and proclaim the living Hope in Christ our church is feasting on during this LENT and Holy Week – stay Spiritually Connected and Spiritually Strong! Remember God helps us stay Spiritually Strong, we are blessed so that do not need to do this alone.

  1. Remember our communities
Today, an overwhelming number of people are ruled by stress, anxiety and depression. This is a reality, with finances, food supply, health, education and real needs. We can remind others (as our inner self) that they are not alone. As believers, we are called to fellowship and to love one another. Though we are encouraged to stay in our homes and practice social distancing (6 feet apart a distance to protect from touch, talking coughing…), God has given us amazing technology — our smartphones, FaceTime, Instagram, Snapshot, Skype, Zoom and other platforms — to be able to connect with, support, and show Christ’s love to others.
Yes, you can even WORSHIP from home with our Brookdale Covenant Church family online via video or the audio (God speak to us through our hears and eyes directly to our hearts) – check Brookdale Covenant Church page on FaceBook or on our church website SERMONS page, and the let the Holy Spirit connect us in a twentieth century kind of way.

Think of the people in your life that you can encourage during this unprecedented time. Be like Jesus and reach out; take notice of those in desperate need of community just like Jesus stopped for the lame man by the pool and many others to bring real living Hope. Offer them hope, not a weak message but an expectant hope and ask them to pray with you. As God says many times, relationships matter. When we deepen our relationships with God and others, we begin to learn where they need Jesus, and how we can share our faith with them. End your call with a praise or thanks to God, this is what God has the Psalmists teach us (thanks Renee for teaching me the Psalms are tools to pray.)

During this crisis, our ministry at church is praying for your safety, your peace in Christ, your faith and about how to be a resource for you. We’d be honored to pray for you personally, reach out to any of us to bring your prayer requests. Do not be shy, because you are important! Do you know that the truth is, your problems are really not your problems, they are your church’s problems to share! This is how God works and God’s Family functions, when we are One with God, we become one with each other through the amazing interconnecting Holy Spirit. (YES, one of my amazing deep learnings in a walk with God an North Park Theological Seminary and some time in Renee’s office that is really a living room). We at Brookdale Covenant are here to encourage, pray, serve and help in any way we can. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, even though you are in Stay-at-home executive orders. God never gives these kinds of orders, because God is the Waymaker! 😊

We are each uniquely called as the Church of the LORD Jesus Christ to Pray and release our faith into this reality that is affecting lives around the world. You are a leader for others when you pray. YES, YOU ARE A DISCIPLE, and YOUR PRAYERS are more than adequate, they are PERFECT and NEEDED. God loves us and when our hearts join God’s heart for our good even with tears or joy and confidence…God Guides and God releases his powerful ways of creating new and bringing deliverance and healing!

Let’s Bless God by Praising God in Prayer and Praying for others around the WORLD and our dear family and friends.

As a lover of all our crazy fun youth and children, will you please commit to sharing God’s Good News and truth about what Easter really is about (Just Jesus) with our youth and children? And will you please cover them all in prayers! God loves all his children and we are to have child-like faith and child-like joy. Be joyful when you pray, even in suffering we can be filled with the Holy Spirit to exude joy!

Let’s Bless God and ask God to bless us!

May the GOD of HOPE (who loves you and knows you)
fill YOU with ALL JOY & PEACE as YOU TRUST in HIM.
So that YOU MAY OVERFLOW with living HOPE by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. (Romans 15:15)

May we all continue Fasting on desperation by faith in Christ and
                                    Feasting on receiving the living Hope in Christ
Remember Jesus sent you the powerful gift of the Holy Spirit to be present in you at all times!  Yes, You are really never alone!

Share the GOOD NEWS, Jesus has already Risen from the dead & He lives so that we live!

Until the whole world hears,

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