Monday Update

Desperate times call for desperate measures to be sure.  I am happy to report that for the most part you are all trying to comply with new health and safety measures.   Annette, our Community Health Nurse, and I are making phone calls each day to our “most vulnerable population ”  to assure they  are safe, have what they need, and know that the church is here for them.  I’ve been blessed to pray with folks over the phone, and sense God’s very present help in that way.  You can always call us too!

But desperate times also call for creative measures, and Brookdale is blessed with a host of creative minds.  We need to unleash them.  Here’s some creative measures I want to share:

First of all we have had two online services now.  This has taxed our dedicated tech crew to be sure, but Byron, Leanne and John have persevered.  We know there are still kinks to be worked out, and they are intent on continuous improvement!  But know this, the time this has required of them has been significant.  So, you might want to send a word of encouragement their way.   Tim and Patti and their daughter Emma have provided such encouragement to us.  I know that many of you sing along as they lead us in worship.  Someone wrote me a note asking,  “ can you hear everyone singing?”.  In my heart, yes, I can.

Brenda and Leanne have been creating connection with the kids even when we need to keep our distance.  Before the stay-at-home order went into effect, they were able to deliver 30 Easter bags to our children and youth.    Please take time to pray for our kids. 

Ruth Kazar made a wonderful list on the prayer sheet last week:  we can learn from her example! Denise sends it out each Monday.  Use the prayer sheet actively this week.

Finally, here is my favorite creative solution.  Julie Fick pulled into the church parking lot at 10:30 on Sunday morning to watch the service.  I suspect she won’t be alone next Sunday.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some cars sporting  palm branches!   I imagine cars will  pull up and face the sanctuary, roll down their  windows,  join in the call to worship, sing the songs, pray some prayers.  There is a special benediction awaiting us all next Sunday.  But you’re just going to have to wait for that.

Remember our final Lent practice this week.  Fast from Despair…..Feast on Hope.  What an assignment! I suspect we are all doing some of both.  When it gets hard, remember that you belong to the beloved community, and there is someone who would love to pray with you, talk with you, connect with you.  So please don’t be shy.  No shame, no blame in the struggle; this is tough.  But let someone know you need some time, some encouragement, some laughter or love.  I want to know how you are!

Pastor Renee

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